eScent inspired by Thierry Mugler
Quote: "Fashion 2001", Khornak 1982
Circular Perfumery - A New Vision
Innovative new business models for fragrance
Engineering Perfume Moments
Modelling work and new patent (published Feb 2019)
Technology Solution
UK Patent # 0426382.8 (awarded July 2009)
Fashion [Scent] Tech
Luxury Sensory Experiences
Sustainable fragrances
Go-to Market Sensory Disruption
"Scentient" Tool
Emotionally Intelligent Wearable Scent
Issues eScent addresses . . .
Personalization - Alleviates stress - Reduced ethanol -
Smart Devices 2025
Presentation for Cambridge Wireless, March 2018
eScent button
Dispense button as detailed in patent US 9675987B2
eScent Ethnographic Research Study
Study on a Sensor-induced wearable scent
Perfumer & Flavorist - The Juice
The biggest emerging fragrance trend isn't fragrance
Applicational Uses
Context-driven scent for multiple market sectors
User Experience Study: London Fusion
Mobile scent diffusion study - Goldsmiths/eScent
Hangout on Air
We breathe 24k times a day inhaling smell molecules
Market Intelligence - Perfumery
Findings from consumer surveys & interviews
IET 'Scent Whisper' publication 2006
IET Seminar on MEMS Sensors and Actuators
Key Benefits
Scent to Impact ~ Positive Thinking ~ Sustainability ~
Jewel Application
Scent By A Wireless Web . . . .
Olfactory Settings®  - Trademark
Trademark for software restore settings for eScent
eScent "bubble" Analogy
An Astronaut's helment
Wearable Wellness
Human Sustainability
Inspired by UBIK (Philip.K.Dick)
"..only good in small doses.."
What is it with all the bubbles??
And Sweat? A true family story....inspiring the future
Zap The Zika
Sensory Time (Pulse)
Clock of the Heart (pre-programmable fragrance)
Earlier Micro Prototypes
PDMS, piezo pumps, nozzles, MEMS, heaters, fans
Earlier Macro Prototypes (V&A)
Collaboration with ScentCommunication
Scent for Learning
Scent pulsed during sleep enhances the memory
Smell as a Diagnostic Timing Tool
eScent smell dysfunction tool to predict alzeihmers
Tantra Weave
Pheromonal Fabric (human pheromones)
The importance of smell
We start out in life smelling our mothers skin and milk
Smell is the Next Digital Frontier..
Gene Nini 4 gen[e] MC1R
eScent Collection
eScent collection (Work in progress)
eScent Closed Loop
Contec-Driven SCENT in the moment (feedback loop)
Internet of Me...
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