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Fashioning Emotional Health
Bipolar UK - Cambridge Bipolar Support Group
(Newsletter article 2012)
BLOG: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Science fashion – how scent technology can help mental health - Feb 2020.
Is Fashion Accessible Enough?
Podcast - Leonard Cheshire during London Fashion Week Feb 2020
Companion to Health Humanities
Jenny Tillotson contributes chapter towards the 1stt Edition Routledge Companion to Health Humanities
TransTech Conference
Lightning Talk: 16th November 2019. eScent: Augmenting Sensory Perception Through Wearable Scent Technology
Designed by
Stelios Foundation Award
Dr Jenny Tillotson wins a a Stelios Disabled Entrepreneurs Award 2019
Psymposia - Psychedelics
Could wearable microdosing technology be a thing one day?
Trans Tech Academy
Jenny Tillotson joins the 2019 Transformative Tech Academy Cohort - Trans Tech entrepreneurs
changing the world for the inside out.
Conference paper
Pychiatria Danubina
Psychiatria Danubina, 2017; Vol. 29, Suppl. 3, pp 604-606
Founders Story
Designing a "SmartSecondSkin" as a Wearable Sensory Confidence Biomarker
Cambridge Mental Health Conference
Talk - to be decided, 6th September 2019
The dress lay the foundation for a new aroma delivery method, leading to eScent
Modern Wellness
eScent included as 1 of 100 emerging tech startups being tracked in the wellness space
PCT Patent application published
Wearable liquid dispense system diffused as a "bubble" - triggered by voice (mood states), user context; employs machine learning techniques.
Investors: Jenny Tillotson / Stephen Temple
Churchill Fellowship Report 2015
Published 2019 (written February 2015)
Longevity Industry Report
eScent featured in the new report from Aging Analytics Agency on the state of the UK Longevity Industry, responding to developments in Q4 2018
Human Sustainability -Wellbeing-enhancing wearable technology and a family of neuroscience devices related to the olfactory sense.
Tech Planter (Leave A Nest)
eScent win Isomer Capital Award (Tech Planter) for Advancing Science & Tech for Global Happiness
AHRC: Exploring Mental Health
Case Study: Scents & Sensibilities.
Research - Patents - Breaking down stigma.
eScent as a valuable strategy to enhance wellbeing
1st Transformative Technology Map
eScent selected as a Transformative Tech 200 Class of 2017 "Up and Coming" List
Scent To Impact
Evidenced-based aromas for emotional wellbeing
UK Longevity Industry 2018
eScent identified as 1 of 170 businesses in the UK Longevity Industries.
Deep Knowledge Analytics Report.
Cambridge Neuroscience CNS 17
University of Cambridge
Inflamed Brain - DATA Blitz Challenge
AHRC: Mental Health Seminar
Presentation: 10th October 2017, AHRC seminar
"eScent The Future of Fragrance"
TRANSTECH 2017 "Up and Coming"
eScent is recognised on the TransTech "Up And Coming" list 2017 as a member of the community who is on a leading edge
Cambridge Conference Mental Health
Presentation at the 6th Cambridge International Conference on Mental Health (Claire College)
Symposium 4: Bipolar Disorder
User Experience - Wellbeing
London Fusion Collaborative award
eScent / Goldsmiths
WCMT / Mental Health Foundation
A one day symposium on Supporting Good Mental Health in the Workplace
Youth Mental Health Conference
eScent poster for an AdoleScent population
Co-author Professor Carolyn Mair.
Youth Mental Health Conference
University of Nottingham, 2017
eScent for an AdoleScent Poplulation
CEB Focus 17 (2016)
eScent wins Contextual Award
CEB Focus 17, page 13-14
end the stigma with style
Psychological Apps
Collaboration with London College of Fashion Psychology Students
Mindfulness in a bubble
Olfactory Settings®
Restore the brain with bio-synced scents.
Identify scents in different contexts.
Restore eScent® back to factory settings
PhD: Interactive Olfactory Surfaces
Royal College of Art 1997.
!st Prize "DesignAge" (now the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design)
Bubble of Reality
*Re-coding* perception with a 'bubble' of reality
Smell the Colour of the Rainblow
AHRC funded Knowledge Transfer Fellowship with Philips Research
Sensory Fashion
Animation on data-driven wearable scent intervention
Churchill Fellowship
'Sensory Fashion' Mental Health Catergory
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