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The World Health Organisation (WHO) informs us that by 2030 anxiety, depression and emotional distress will be the leading disability in the working world unless addressed appropriately.


WHO has identified that 12 billion working days or 50 million years of working, will be lost to these illnesses each year between now and 2030


Human Sustainability


Scent opens up a new forum for communication and creative expression.


With new scientific studies being recognized in ‘Positive Psychology', supported by stronger health claims on aromatherapy products, eScent® innovations will inevitably feed consumer interest in the olfactory sense and human ‘wellbeing’.



As the 4th Industrial Revolution begins, we are on a sensory mission to fuse new technologies that create an exclusive market position for wellbeing-enhancing wearable scent technology, data collection and a family of neuroscience devices related to the olfactory sense.



We are an early stage start-up intent on commercialising neuroscience patented products that recharge, revitalise and improve well-being. 



eScent is all about Context;  the convergence of the digital and scent revolutions with fashion, wellbeing, health, society and living. 



eScent is an emotionally intelligent wearable dispenser with connected sensors that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from the wearer and releases fragrances as a personalised and controllable 'scent bubble' around the nose.



Specific wellbeing scents can be BIO-synced to a person's current emotional, mental or physical state and in a real-time manner relieve the wearer's condition (e.g. anxiety, stress or panic disorders, insomnia, post-natal depression, etc).


Fine fragrances can also be BIO-synced to match style and personality.  This is a true example of the "Internet of Me" for its ability to detect and analyse conditions that our five senses cannot and in turn deliver lifestyle and wellness enhancing results to us.




eScent and the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) are in dialogue and share the mutual interest in safety of fragrances in terms of human health and the environment.

Wearable Technology that picks up on your emotions and vital signs and sends a patented and personalisable 'scent bubble' to your nose 

- in real time

By integrating the chemical senses with emerging technologies, eScent blurs the boundaries between the biological, the physical and the digital domains. It is a platform technology that provides *magic* and will lead to new sensory intelligent solutions that is not just about what you sense on your body or around you, but how those sensors are going to INTERACT together to pursue an ACTION.


eScent stores fragrance ingredients with high odour value and which can be used at far lower dosage levels to give a powerful fragrance contribution. It shows how we as the consumer can break free from overpowering, invasive scents, by inventing our very own set of personalised scent environments and dosages.


With many different applications, eScent turns emotions, the beat of a pulsating heart, blood pressure, speech, SMS, body odour or ambient sound into an ACTIONABLE ‘scent bubble’.  This could be neroli to reduce anxiety, lavender to induce a sense of tranquility, eucalyptus to soothe a cold, perfumes to complement fashion and sweeten the power of imagination, or enhance an experience or mood, or tell a great story to bring things to life.


eScent combines biometric and environmental sensors, smartphone-settings and machine learning with clinical aromatherapy, or other perfumes, depending on the situation in which it is being used. It builds on award-winning PhD work on The Wellness Collection from the Royal College of Art and AHRC funded research on SmartSecondSkin from Central Saint Martins, whereby fashion interacts with the wearer's changing moods and becomes the ultimate second skin, responding to different emotional triggers and everything that’s happening in the local environment at that moment.



Embedded discreetly in jewellery or clothing, eScent creates a personalised and portable scent cloud around the nose, giving an area of constant, detectable scent for the user that changes with emotion.


With sensors driving next-generation wearables and Smart Clothing set to disrupt Fashion's Future; we aim to break down stigma surrounding mental ill health with eScent's unique mood-enhancing 'scent bubble'  and research on  Sensory Fashion (Winston Churchill Fellowship).


We wish to change the way people use, appreciate and apply scent in the global market place and are fully committed to the safety aspects of fragrance ingredients on human health and the environment. We are pioneering a new WAVE of products and delivery systems with healthier, more transparent ingredients, lower environmental burdens and greater social impacts that also attempts to address new legislation on sensitization. 


We will also introduce new safe, aroma markets for wearables, for example, acoustic sensors that are embedded in the cuff or collar of clothing that detect the sound frequency of mosquitoes buzzing near human skin - and zap them with micro-doses of insect repellent.    


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