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eScent - sensor technology
Smell the colour of the rainbow
Smart Second Skin (AHRC)
British Society of Perfumers
Film: Scentsory Design®
eScent: A New Dimension
FutureWear - VF Corp
live scent | ɘvil stench
'This Pervasive Day: J.Pitt' (Pervasive Computing)
Oncology on Canvas
Science Fiction -  inspiration
Lubb Dup Fluidic Fabric
Sensitive Shoes
World Transhumanist Association
Futuro Textile lille3000
Technology | Applications
fontenay de roses (AHRC)
Fashioning Emotional Health
FreeBee Fragrance
Sponsored by IFF - 2003
PhD: A Science Fashion Story
Royal College of Art
Eau Doh
Sponsored by IFF - 2004
Pitch@palace 0.5
Charmed Technology 2000
WONDER (...where it all started)
Scent Fiction Legacy Lifestyle
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