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eScent® - A New Dimension


A film funded by an Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) 'Impact & Engagement' commercialisation Award. June 2015.
eScent® research by Dr Jenny Tillotson, a former Reader in Sensory Fashion at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. 

Directed, written and produced by Limetools Ltd.


The film shows a range of exciting areas of application of the eScent® technology, which is a wearable fragrances device. It demonstrates how design thinking and enquiry, paired with technology can lead to new and innovative products that can make real positive impact to our lives. Embedded discreetly in jewellery or clothing, eScent® forms a localised and non-invasive 'scent bubble' around the face. It creates an area of constant, detectable scent for the user based on a timer, biometric feedback or pre-programmed from a smartphone, augmenting how we as humans interact with the physical world around us. This enabling platform technology senses and emits fragrances depending on the situation and can be deployed in multiple solutions across markets sectors including wellbeing (‘Quantified Self’), fashion, fragrances for luxury brands, retail, gaming, entertainment and insect control.


The film describes the benefits of eScent® as an interruptive platform technology that addresses current legislation issues faced by the rapidly changing fragrance industry (i.e. increased allergens, skin sensitization). It presents a simple concept supported by multiple AHRB/C awards that not only promises to impact on many fields and have a genuinely huge commercial potential, but could create an entirely new perfumery market and benefit the wider population by increasing wellbeing through fragrances.


The film was produced to validate the commercial potential of the intellectual property of the eScent® product in the fragrance industry. It followed on from three previous awards; an AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship with Philips; ‘Smell The Colour of the Rainbow’, an AHRC Innovation Award with Professor Andreas Manz; ‘eScent’ (Scent Whisper) and an AHRB Small Award; ‘SmartSecondSkin’).







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