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Customisation is one of the biggest trends in personal care products. . . . 


eScent® introduces a personal scent experience that alters the aroma profile in various different ways, triggered by specific situations. It is an entirely new way of customising fragrances and experiencing the sense of smell, our most primitive, emotive, and yet unexploited, sense.


Embedded discreetly in "smart" jewellery and clothing, eScent® forms a localised 'scent bubble' around your face; providing an area of constant, detectable scent for the user based on biometric sensors, a timer or other stimuli such as pre-programmed from an app or smarthome device.


eScent® offers an enabling delivery device that emits fragrances at the right time, in the right place, depending on the context in which it is being used.

Fragrances are accurately targeted in short sharp bursts from a device based on various triggers. This could be biometric feedback, sound, or other analysis that is relevant to the situation, augmenting how we as humans interact with the physical world around us, and responding to bodily signals.


The ‘scent bubble’ works within a 40cm radius from jewellery or clothing, concentrated on the user’s personal sensory space around the face. Fragrance is delivered via a pulsed and sustained diffusion, depending on the user’s movements and surrounding conditions of air flow. This diffuser avoids olfactory adaptation which would render the effect 80% less powerful after a few minutes.


eScent®’s application of miniaturization and novel sensors, linked with new insight into the power of fragrance ingredients to affect wellbeing and mood, has the potential to change the whole way we appreciate, apply and use fragrances in the future.


With Bluetooth, programmable eScent® apps offer flexibility and spontaneity, there is less contact on skin ensuring less allergic reactions and it is safe and sustainable; using a low fragrance dosage, and fewer solvents.


Users will be able to customise their own signature scent to suit mood and lifestyle by blending base notes with concentrated notes, an with the help of machine learning, they can develop their own ‘fragrance wardrobe’ to use throughout the day. At night they can use one of eScent®’s ‘dance’ or 'chill-out' perfumes . . . . or a personalised ‘better quality sleep’ perfume.


eScent® offers a completely new market and fragrance experience; it gives a competitive edge to drive brand loyalty; it addresses new legislation issues; and offers a safe, low carbon solution without the need for multiple glass bottles.


A spectrum of fragrances provides a new sensory awareness with wide‐ranging applications in wellbeing, digital health, fashion, luxury brands, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, retail, competitive sports, entertainment and learning


eScent® enables brands to get more personal with customisable fragrances; it bridges the gap between the fragrance and fashion divisions (of the same label, some owned by different companies), offering a contemporary new business reality; it provides an opportunity for the user to gain more ownership of their identity and to have a more intimate relationship with a brand’s persona; it concentrates on personal sensory space and enable’s the collection of valuable consumer data showing when a user is using which perfume - and why – with the potential to be revolutionary within the fragrance and wearable technology industries.

 eScent Customisation: A New Dimension


Full version of promo film specifically addressing safety, legislation and other benefits of our technology:

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