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Our patent portfolio is a combination of patents covering the broad uses of wearable scent technologies and associated applications for personalised scent release, triggered by sound and/or biometric properties, new techniques for creating a scent dispersal sphere around the body dependent upon user context, music data,  environment, activity data, etc, and some techniques employing machine learning. 


This page lists patents that are either granted or are pending.  In addition, we maintain trade secrets and know-how around Dr Jenny Tillotson's award-winning 'Scentsory Design' research which has been built up from years of practical experience, including work at Central Saint Martins, University of Cambridge, and the Royal College of Art.





GB2423075B  -

A system and method for dispensing fluid in response to a sensed property"  (GB)


The present invention relates to a wearable system and method for dispensing fluid in response to a sensed property, such as a biometric property of an individual or various sounds. Details methods to dispense liquids around fabrics


US9675987B2  - 

"A system and method for dispensing fluid in response to a sensed property" (USA)



"A system and method for dispensing fluid in response to a sensed property" (USA continuation patent)

Awarded 8th June 2021


GB patent application filed 29.7.2017 (Priority date)

"Scent bubble personalised scent dispersal system from wearable items"


PCT filed July 2018


"Liquid dispensing system creating and maintaining a personalised bubble with a defined radius and concentration"

The PCT was published on 7 February 2019 under no. WO 2019/025763

New techniques for personalised scent dispersal, which with a modest scent reservoir allow use without recharge for a period of weeks to months or even years.  Also techniques for therapeutic scent dispersal.  Further, techniques for dispensing scent dependent upon user context/environment, music data, weather, calendar, activity data, etc.  Some of the techniques may employ machine learning.

Applications filed in:

The PCT "Scent Bubble" patent can also be found on the Psilocybin Alpha LSD Tracker and Psilocybin Tracker 


"Adaptive Scent Atomiser Mask" 

PCT filed July 2022 W02023/280877 A1 building on a project funded by InnovateUK. 


A mask comprising a mask front having an inlet and an outlet. The outlet comprises an outlet valve assembly positioned in front of the nose and mouth of a wearer. The mask includes an internal sealing structure having an opening facing the outlet valve assembly and configured to direct air from the inlet through the opening to the nose of the wearer. The mask also includes an atomiser module positioned at an edge of the internal sealing structure where the internal sealing structure joins the mask front. In use spray from the atomiser module is entrained in the air.

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