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 Introducing the Ultimate Sensory Fashion Experience


In the fragrance industry, recent changes in EU regulations on certain fragrance ingredients (<3% of the EU population report increased allergens) is limiting the perfumers palette and stifling creativity. Due to a growing demand from consumers for ingredients to be more transparent, the industry is also searching for ways to address new legislation on dermal sensitization and find novel delivery systems to improve the art of perfumery. . . 

As fashion and digital collide, exciting new opportunities arise, enabling us to engage further with our senses and create emotional, luxury experiences that match our style, personality and improve our state of wellbeing.  


Building on earlier macro sensory prototypes and collaborations with scent technologists (Aerome / Scent Communication, Olfacom), we are developing a sensory enabler called eScent;  one of the many applications is a wearable fashion product aimed at luxury brands.


eScent helps make fashion a "force for good" - it is a new way to bridge fashion and fragrance, whilst addressing multiple global health issues, from skin allergies to chronic mental health.


eScent is an emotionally intelligent dispenser that uses connected sensors and Artificial Intelligence to release micro-doses of fragrances as a personalised and controllable "scent bubble" around the wearers' nose.  It is a user-worn scent dispenser where the frequency and type of  scent delivery is flexible and determined by the user.


As an emerging platform technology, eScent emits data-driven fragrances and essential oils at the right time, in the right place, depending on context, location or situation.


The purpose is to track the movements and behaviour of the user throughout the day and night, allowing fragrances to become more emotional, accessible, personalisable and portable for the wearer.




Premium Fragrance Brands


Some Premium fragrance brands are linked to a fashion name but disconnected to their historical roots since the fashion & fragrance divisions are sometimes owned by different groups

eScent bridges the gap between fashion and fragrance divisions offering a contemporary new business reality:

  • enables brands to get more personal; it provides an opportunity for the user to gain more ownership of their identity and to have a more intimate relationship with a brands persona

  • concentrates on the personal sensory space around the consumer

  • complements smart hearing devices (“hearables”) with fragrances to suit a genre of music or biometric sensing

  • enables the collection of valuable consumer health data showing when a user is using which scent(s) and why, for what condition etc.  This, in turn, could feed into marketing, sales and operation strategies.



A spectrum of fragrances provides a new sensory awareness throughout the day and night. A choice of perfumes is targeted towards the nostrils in short bursts from a wearable device embedded in jewellery, smart fabrics and clothing elements (buttons, collar, lapel, zip), embroidery and embellishments (fringe, sequins etc), based on biofeedback or pre-programmed from a smartphone. The exact dose is 'pulsed' at set intervals and only when it is needed, so the user enjoys their own personalized scent for themselves, whether this is designer fragrances to match a brand or aromatherapy for mood enhancement. In this way, it is possible to layer fragrances to get an intense and long-lasting essence, avoiding olfactory adaptation and without the need to keep reapplying 24/7.



eScent is tailored to suit mood, style, individuality and state of emotional wellbeing; it is more economical, sustainable, less wasteful, addresses sensitization (no need to apply to skin and less solvents are required). It complements the perfume bottle format as an alternative to spraying onto skin and appeals to the perfume consumers’ extensive knowledge of fragrance and awareness of technology and social media, enhancing the luxury and wellbeing experience in entirely new ways.


Our pending patent for the "Scent Bubble®" device is absolutely on target for this new need for brands to differentiate. It shows how they can evolve with a simple concept and viable technological solution so they can remain authentic and credible.



Enhancing The Luxury Experience






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