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eScent wins an InnovateUK Award

March 2024

eScent wins an InnovateUK Design Foundations Award: "Wearable Sustainable "Scent Bubble": the convergence of neuroscience and cosmetics"

eScent at ARISE Innovation Hub

March 2024

eScent joins the ABOVE programme, a collaboration between Essex County Council, Medilink Midlands and Arise Innovation Hubs supporting businesses specialising in the Health, Performance and Wellbeing sectors

Neurotechnology Conference

February 2024

eScent will present at the Innovate UK KTN Neurotechnology conference in Birmingham on 27th February 2024

Fashion Magazine

January 2024

eScent featured in Fashion Magazine, Winter edition 2024: Is the Future of Fragrance In the Hands of AI

Cambridge Wireless conference

December 2023

eScent exhibits at the Cambridge Wireless start-up zone at their annual CWIC conference : From the Mood to the Big Blue Sea

Pitch & Judge

October 2023

eScent comes second place at the Pitch & Judge #3 event at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

CWIC - eScent exhibitor

October 2023

eScent is delighted to be exhibiting at #CWIC2023 @CambWireless International Conference on converging #tech on land, air and sea takes place on Tuesday 5th December 2023 in Hinxton #Cambridge and online


September 2023

eScent attends Match4Health organised by the Enterprise Europe Network, the Innovation Park and the European Digital Innovation Hub "Health Hub" as part of the InnoHealth Forum, which aim to showcase the latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are transforming healthcare services

Eastern AHSN Scale-up Academy

September 2023

eScent wins a place on the Eastern Academic Health Science Network's Scale-up Academy, starting in October 2023

InnovateUK BridgeAI Innovation Lab

September 2023

eScent is awarded a place on the InnovateUK Creative Industries BridgeAI Residential Innovation Lab, facilitated by Faculty and Co-Created

Accelerate Judge Business School

September 2023

eScent joins the Accelerate program at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, September 2023

E-Textiles and Smart Clothing

August 2023

eScent to present at E-Textiles and Smart Clothing conference hosted by Curtis & Wyss in Barcelona, Spain, 12-13th October 2023

Wellness Technology

May 2023

eScent acknowledged in the Nfluence Wellness Technology report under Workplace and life Wellness

Impulse alumni Showcase

February 2023
Poster presented at Impulse alumni Business showcase event, Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge

Growthworks Investment Readiness Accelerator

September 2022
eScent joins to the Growth Works Investment Readiness Accelerator in Cambridge along with several other local SME's

Botanica2022 online conference recording

July 2022

The Botanica22 conference recording of Dr Jenny Tillotson's presentation “A science fashion approach to clinical aromatherapy: “adaptive” eScent platform technology for connected masks and other wearable products. ” is now available to watch

RevolutionZERO eScent mask

June 2022

P3 mask is in development with our production partners Revolution-ZERO, more details to follow

Scent Bubble® Trade Mark registered

June 2022

"Scent Bubble" UK Trade mark registered no. 00003764772 in classes 3 and 9

The Trampery - EVO Pathway

May 2022

Trampery Pathway alumni Dr Jenny Tillotson is the Founder of eScent, a fashion tech company that is re-inventing the fragrance experience by dispensing scent (and other liquids) under software control. Scents can be bio-synchronised to a person’s emotional state, delivered through a wearable partner device and, in real-time, relieve anxiety. The innovative technology offers exciting possibilities for use in healthcare and experiential fragrance applications.

Botanica 2022

May 2022

Dr Jenny Tillotson to give a lecture at Botanica 2022 on "A science fashion approach to clinical aromatherapy: "adaptive" e-scent platform technology for connected masks and other wearable products" 20th May 2022 - to order tickets see

Leave-A-Nest Deeptech Video

March 2022

Dr Jenny Tillotson, Leave-a-Nest alumni is interviewed about the Tech Planter Deeptech program, winning two Leave-A-Nest awards (2018 and 2019) and the eScent journey

Scenting our way to wellbeing - RSA

March 2022

Smell, the only sense we can’t switch off, has an unexpected role to play in tackling our epidemic of anxiety and depression. Dr Jenny Tillotson, FRSA Fellow, talks about a transformative technology that could help us approach our emotions in a new way, and help humanity recover from the pandemic

eScent : Wellness Tech Landscape

February 2022

eScent features as part of the extensive industry-specific knowledge of the wellness tech landscape, designed by the Nfluence team as a resource that displays more than 900 companies across the industry, providing clarity around industry leaders and key themes to watch. Organizing in three main areas—Mental & Emotional Wellness, Workplace & Life Wellness, and Body & Physical Wellness

eScent #21towatch "Things"

February 2022

eScent Transformative technology featured in the Cambridge Independent #21towatch campaign as part of the shortlist for innovative "things" in and around the East of England

Monticle Mental Health

February 2022

Dr Jenny Tillotson attends the MONTICLE Mental Health Tech Mastermind program led by Catherine Davies - a 90 day program to connect with NHS Leaders, learn a systematic process for selling to the NHS and finding new opportunities for the eScent platform technology.

#21towatch shortlist

February 2022

eScent Transformative Technology has made the #21towatch shortlist.

The cofinitive shortlist features ground-breaking innovations, (“things”), entrepreneurs, and start-ups from the East of England.“eScent is a wearable technology system, enabling the delivery of a personalised "Scent Bubble" (and other liquids) as a sensory-controlled solution for the Wellness, Healthcare, Perfumery, Fashion, Gaming/Metaverse, and Psychedelic Medicine sectors, and is protected by several awarded and pending patents”

#21towatch Cofinitive

January 2022

eScent has been selected to join the #21toWatch long list of "Things" Campaign and Awards. Cofinitive recognises many new East of England's innovative products and services - eScent taps in nicely to both as a new wearable, transformative "adaptive scent" platform technology and subscription-based service for fashion, wellbeing, medtech, gaming - and more.

MindTech Symposium 2021

December 2021

Dr Jenny Tillotson presented a video poster presentation at the 2021 NIHR MindTech Symposium, 9th December 2021: ""Smart scent-infused high protection mask for “personal protective assurance” and to help reduce psychological stress".

"MP Sniffs out eScent potential"

November 2021
Cambridge Independent (Paul Brackley)

Dr Jenny Tillotson was delighted last week to demonstrate eScent to Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner. It was exciting to hear his thoughts and to learn how he wants to see the adoption of new technologies, especially where it can help to protect our frontline workers. It was further validation of how our transformative tech could be utilised. Thanks to Cambridge Independent for the coverage

eScent Mask - Press Release

October 2021

Medtech News: Scent delivery face masks developed to reduce mental distress


March 2021

Jenny Tillotson joins IdeaSpace South at the University of Cambridge, Biomedical Campus, Cambridge UK

#21 to Watch

February 2021

Dr Jenny Tillotson joins the short list  for the @cofinitive #21towatch  awards for celebrating people, companies and ‘things’ across the East of England region that are setting standards in innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe. The list is compiled by nominations across sectors, and each submission is assessed on Innovation, Challenge, Influence, Viability & Memorability.

#21ToWatch - Instagram-1080x1080pixels-I

IFRA Forum - 10 Years

October 15, 2020

The Fragrant Future of Wearable Technology.


Celebrating 10 years of the IFRA UK Fragrance Foundation. Dr Tillotson and eScent feature in a new book on wellbeing, health, tech, psychology, innovation, business, design, creativity and culture. The book offers a reflective celebration of the IFRA Fragrance Forum, allowing readers to dip into the ideas presented by  IFRA speakers on olfactory research.


The Immersive Kind

April 25, 2020

The Immersive Kind


Dr Jenny Tillotson is Guest Artist at the BIO + CLIMATE + SPACE event, 27th April 2020.

Innovation happening at the intersection of  tech, art, science and space travel - additive manufacturing solutions to help address the climate crisis on earth.



April 20, 2020

IMPULSE - Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge

Dr Jenny Tillotson joins the IMPULSE program at the Maxwell Centre, the University of Cambridge to work on a smart antiviral face mask. 



February 18, 2020

Science fashion – how scent technology can help mental health

Blog by Dr Jenny Tillotson on her Churchill Fellowship and the backstory behind eScent - and future plans to break down stigma with her research.


Health Humanities

February 12, 2020

The Routledge Companion to Health Humanities. Published Chapter.

Dr Tillotson explores Sensory Design and Smart Textiles and the health humanities, in relation to the arts and humanities:


SETsquared Bath

January 23, 2020

Sustainable Technologies Business Acceleration Hub and Advanced Engineering and  Digital Innovation Business Acceleration Hub, SetSquared Bath.

eScent awarded ERDF funded grants to work with WISE BIRD NETWORKS.


The Essence

December 18, 2019

People & Products - eScent

eScent was featured in the new Perfumery book "The Essence - Discovering the world of Scent, Perfume & Fragrance", published by Gestalten.


Tech Planter Award

November 08, 2019

Award Winner - Leave a Nest

Dr Tillotson wins the DELIGHTEX Award at  Leave a Nest Tech Planter Day - she presented 'Wearable closed-loop scent intervention for Mood Disorders' as per the published patent for wearable technology and techniques to diffuse a "liquid bubble" dependent upon voice (mood), user-context/environment. 



October 08, 2019

Stelios Foundation Award

Dr Tillotson wins a Stelios Foundation Award with eScent. Awards for Disabled entrepreneurs run in partnership with Leonard Cheshire. 


Dazed Beauty

March 10, 2019

eScent - Future Scent Tech



eScent is mentioned in the first print issue of Dazed Beauty 

Issue ZERO; article on the future of "Scent Tech" by Liam Hess


Leave-A-Nest Award

October 29, 2018

eScent wins Isomer Capital LLP Award



eScent wins Isomer Capital LLP Award as part of the Leave a Nest, Tech Planter Demo Day, UK, 2018 for "Advancing Science & Technology for Global Happiness'  27th October 2018


Cambridge Wireless

March 27, 2018

Smart Devices of 2025



Dr Jenny Tillotson is an invited speaker at  Cambridge Wireless  event on 'Smart Devices 2025' alongside David Wood as part of the Future Devices & Technologies Group, hosted by Amazon, Cambridge


TransTech 200

November 03, 2017

eScent - Up & Coming List


eScent is included on the 1st TransTech Market Map TT200 Up & Coming List. Transformative Technology is tech that can facilitate mental health, emotional wellbeing, and enhanced human thriving. Through the Transformative Technology Lab, they actively:

1) support and enhance the mental and emotional wellbeing of humans

2) provide a new mirror, through data, sensors, and feedback to better understand ourselves and others

3) create new tools to shape our psychology, positively


Hello Tomorrow

September 06, 2016

Nominee: eScent 1 of 6 start-ups


eScent reaches the final of the Hello Tomorrow 'Top500'  Global Summit,  Wellbeing track in Paris on 14th October 2016.  Selected from 3,500 applicants 


eScent - Future "Signal"

March 2024

eScent works with Cambridge Judge Business School, Health Innovation East and industry as a future "signal" during a workshop for the future of Healthcare in 2040

Medilink - Grant

February 2024

eScent wins a grant from Medilink Midlands to further develop the wearable closed-loop scent intervention

Royal Academy of Engineering

March 2024

Dr Jenny Tillotson invited to showcase eScent at the Royal Academy of Engineering's Annual D&I Conference 6th March 2024

Triple Chasm Scale Up Academy

December 2023

eScent completed the Triple Chasm 6-week program hosted by our partners Health Innovation East

HIVE Female Founders Demo Day

December 2023

Dr Jenny Tillotson pitched eScent at the HIVE Female Founders Demo Day cohort V at AWS London

Accelerate CJBS cohort 32

October 2023

eScent joins the Accelerate program at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (Cohort 32)

HIVE Global Female Founders

October 2023

Dr Jenny Tillotson, Founder of eScent joins the HIVE global Female Founders Accelerator program

Health Innovation East summarise project with infographic

September 2023

Health Innovation East (formerly Eastern Academic Health Science Network) summarise NIHR i4i Fast Award project with an infographic of the market eScent is addressing

CogX Start-up Expo

September 2023

eScent exhibits at the CogX Start-up Expo amongst other AI/Medtech tech start-ups including TidalSense, Hexology, Immersley, Added Health, Tenyks, Zero Gravity and Neurometry. 90,000 delegates attend over 3 days at Magazine / O2 Arena, 12-14th September 2023

CogX Start-up Award

September 2023

eScent is shortlisted for a CogX Award in the Start-up programme 2023 (CogX Festival, The O2 Arena London)

Science of Printing

August 2023

eScent to present mask prototype at the Institute of Manufacturing conference on the "Science of Printing" at the University of Cambridge, 5th September 2023

CogX Festival

August 2023

eScent selected by the CogX Festival to join the Start-up programme at O2 Arena London, 12th - 14th September 2023

eScent wins NIHR i4i grant

April 2023

eScent wins an NIHR i4i (invention for innovation) grant to work with Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN); the project will look at the adoption of eScent into the NHS

Adaptive Scent Atomiser Mask

January 2023
Published PCT patent application for the adaptive scent atomiser mask funded by InnovateUK; a smart medical style mask for the Medtech markets

eScent olfactory adaptive wearable system

September 2022
Poster on "eScent wearable adaptive olfactory system" presented at the Cambridge Neuroscience "New Horizons" conference at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge

Business Weekly -Killer50 Ones2Watch

June 2022

eScent represented on the Business Weekly Killer50 "One2Watch" list alongside prestigious companies and start-ups in the Cambridge region

IFSCC - Neuroscience

June 2022

"Where Beauty, Science and Innovation Meet"
Dr Jenny Tillotson is due to give a podium presentation at the IFSCC2022 congress in London on 21st September 2022 (Day 2) during the session "Neuroscience: engaging our brains and emotions". The title of her talk is "A wearable technology system, enabling the delivery of a personalized “Scent Bubble” as a sensory-controlled solution for Wellness, Healthcare, Perfumery, Fashion, Gaming/Metaverse sectors
19-22nd September 2022

Intellectual Property Office (Design Rights)

May 2022

The eScent face mask has been registered in the name of Sensory Design & Technology Ltd under design rights No. 6182886 (Certificate of Registration for a UK Design): Class 24 and Class 29

Engineering behind eScent mask

April 2022

The engineering behind the eScent low burden scent-enhanced mask as documented by Tim McClean, Imagination Factory Engineering Director. Tim brings over 20 years experience to the Imagination Factory team, including insights from senior roles at Dyson and Herman Miller in design and development of innovative solutions and over 9 months, worked closely with the eScent team to develop the mask, funded by InnovateUK

National Fragrance Week 2022

March 2022

eScent Platform Technology and Interview films featured throughout The Fragrance Foundation celebrations for their prestigious National Fragrance Week 2022. Their mission is to expand the appreciation, use and sale of fragrance amongst all people. Throughout this week (21st March - 27th March 2022) there will be a whole host of events, films - including eScent films - and promotions in store with digital activities to promote fragrance in all its forms and get consumers excited about this magical product

UKRI Research & Innovation Report

March 2022

An Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) report into how the arts and humanities can and are contributing to mental health research in the UK and internationally. This report details some case studies (including the story behind "eScent") working towards doing exactly that

Wearable liquid dispense patent

February 2022

eScent's pending wearable liquid dispense "Scent Bubble" patent (WO2019/025763A1 owned by Sensory Design & Technology Ltd) is recorded as one of over 60 LSD-related published applications and patents on the Psilocybin Alpha LSD Patent tracker produced by Calyx Law.

eScent Interview Film

February 2022

The eScent team were supported by important opinion leaders across ENT, Psychiatry, Complementary Health, IoT, Wearables, Chemosensory Science, Biodesign, and Fashion Psychology – hear what seven of these experts have to say about eScent's Transformative Platform Technology in this video


February 2022

Dr Jenny Tillotson is invited to give a lecture at Botaninca2022 on the 20th May 2022 at the leading worldwide conference celebrating herbs and clinical aromatherapy. Her lecture is entitled "A Science Fashion approach to Clinical Aromatherapy: "Adaptive" eScent Platform Technology for connected masks and other wearable products"

Dept of Psychiatry

February 2022

Dr Jenny Tillotson joins the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge as a Visiting Researcher - her remit is to develop novel wearable closed-loop scent interventions under the supervision of Professor Peter Jones, Director, NIHR Applied Research Collaboration, East of England and Hon consultant psychiatrist, CPFT

Smart scent tech mask

January 2022

Churchill Fellowship Blog
Dr Tillotson writes an article for the Churchill Fellowship on Frontline workers and how they have been greatly impacted by Covid-19 with extended periods of protective mask-wearing under stressful conditions.

Reducing viral transmission by adapted masks

December 2021

Dr Tillotson gave a presentation to the UK Semiochemsitry Network. The COVID-19 viral pandemic continues in 2021 with a new variant, omicron, which has multiple alterations in the spike protein and maybe more transmissible. As a designer working in the hybrid of biosciences, technology, fashion communication, and scent, here Dr Tillotson presents a possible addition to the armamentarium of measures to contain SARS-CoV2 with novel wearable technologies designed to reduce the commonest method for disease transmission: airborne spread.
The presentation introduces transformative technology that could potentially change the face of high protection via reusable FFP3 masks and the use of scent and antiviral properties in real-life scenarios. She introduced a potential method for lining the upper respiratory tract with whatever protective substance is needed by providing a wearable nebulizer that offers "personal protection assurance" via a patented liquid delivery system. Combining filtration of air from a hostile environment with nebulized medication designed to inhibit viral attachment and evidence-based stress-reducing aromas in a wearable device might be an effective way to reduce viral spread.
Further work is needed to assess the effectiveness or otherwise of viral attachment inhibitors in vitro, then in vivo and to quantify stress reduction by olfactory cues.

National Ability Summit

December 2021

Dr Jenny Tilotson was a panelist at the 2nd edition of National Ability Summit (Virtual International Conference -2nd/3rd December), participating in the session "Investments in the Disability Sector" and moderated by Hardeep Rai from Kaleidoscope Investment Group. Dr Tillotson is a Sensory Designer and Founder of eScent and a long-term user of mental health services. She is a named inventor on several awarded and pending patents in wearable scent technology and smart textiles for health, wellbeing, fashion and lifestyle.

As an award winning design researcher and mental health campaigner, Jenny is recognised as one of the leading innovators in the hybrid of science, technology, fashion communication and scent.

Register FREE now on

eScent Platform Technology Film

October 2021
eScent is on an exciting journey. Find out why we are building nature positive and impactful solutions – and helping modern humans ‘re-feel’ life through new data-driven scent technologies that sense our body and our local surroundings in real-time and then dispense counteractive evidenced-based aromas, depending on context.

You too could be part of this journey by helping us to miniaturize the design of our transformative green technology. The patented wearable platform technology and AI-powered liquid dispenser can be deployed in a range of wearables, including reusable high protection facemasks, garment buttons, jewellery, smart textiles and AR/VR headsets for the FashionTech, Beautytech, Medtech, Gaming, Travel and the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy sectors.

eScent FFP3 Mask

October 2021.

Revolutionary green technology that seeks to change the face of high protection masks and the utility of context-driven scent in real-life scenarios

InnovateUk Award

October 2020

Sustainable Innovation Fund (SIF) - Green Innovation.

eScent (Sensory Design & Technology Ltd) wins an InnovateUk Award - eScent mask for personal protective assurance: a human-centred approach to PPE in the post COVID-19 world


British Beauty Council

January 20, 2021

eScent becomes a partner member of the British Beauty Council  who work with the beauty industry, government and others to drive excellence and growth across the industry.


The New York Times

November 26, 2020

Perhaps a New Fragrance Will Make Things Festive.


eScent and the "Scent Bubble" mentioned in the New York Times - using scent in the pandemic.


i4C - CISL 

May 30, 2020

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


Dr Tillotson joins the CISL accelerator programme at the University of Cambridge to fast track resilience in times of disruption. The program is open to early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurs with innovations like eScent that build resilience in one of three areas: business continuity; socially inclusive services; or environmental protection.


Leonard Cheshire

February 18, 2020

Episode 6 Podcast - Is fashion accessible enough?


As London Fashion Week comes to a close, Leonard Cheshire interview Jenny, winner of a Stelios Award about eScent and the fashion and beauty industry becoming more inclusive and diverse.



February 18, 2020

eScent joins the Trampery Pathway program 2020.

eScent joins the Trampery (Old Street) Pathway program for Human-centred entrepreneurial support funded by ERDF.



February 05, 2020

Personalized perfume patent includes wearable microdosing technology

Pymposia feature eScent product patent and ask if a liquid-delivery system to help maintain a personalized “scent bubble” could usher in the creation of wearable psychedelic microdosing technology. 


TransTech Conference

November 16, 2019

eScent: Augmenting Sensory Perception Through Wearable Scent Technology

eScent gives a Lightning Talk at the Transformative Technology Conference in Palo Alto, 16th November 2019. 


Thrive Global

October 08, 2019

Thrive Global

Dr Jenny Tillotson writes for the Thrive Global Platform Community describing her backstory driving her present story on building eScent and a new stigma+style project to raise mental health awareness 



TransTech Academy

September 16, 2019

Transtech Academy 2019 - Entrepreneurs Track.

Dr Jenny Tillotson joins the TransTech Academy cohort 2019 with eScent - Entrepreneurs Track (TransTech Labs)


Longevity Industry

February 22, 2019

Aging Analytics Agency:  Longevity Industry report (Q4 2018)


eScent is featured in the new report from Aging Analytics Agency on the state of the Longevity Industry in the UK, responding to developments in Q4 2018.


Createch 2018

June 12, 2018

1 of 100 creative-led pioneers with tech


eScent is acknowledged as 1 of 100 creatively-led pioneers working at the cutting edge of Createch developments (London Tech Week 2018), led by the Creative Industries Council. ​The booklet can be downloaded here


SimDH Accelerator 

June 14, 2018

London South Bank University


eScent joins London's Health Tech incubator SimDH (Simulation for Digital Health) programme supporting health tech start-ups to innovate, develop and deliver new products and services in digital healthcare.


AHRC Report

October 10, 2017

'Exploring Mental Health and Wellbeing'

Dr Jenny Tillotson presented her research at the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in Swindon on WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY to celebrate the launch of their new booklet which highlights the important role that arts and humanities based research can play in helping to address complex issues around mental health.  The report 'Exploring Mental Health and Wellbeing', presents a case study of Tillotson's research over a number of years and and gives an insight of eScent and future plans to help break down stigma. 


Google Campus

July 04, 2017

Cohort 2017

Jenny Tillotson graduates from the Campus for Mums 2017 programme at London Campus - with 25 other entrepreneurial mums and dads 

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