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R E S I L I E N C E    B U I L D E R 


S©E N T I E N T 


(or mindfulness in a bottle)



Emotionally Intelligent Experiential eScent

eScent LEARNS To PLAY  Subtle Fragrances Accordingly From A Biofeedback Loop 


eScent is a patented emotionally intelligent fragrance dispenser that can be discreetly embedded in our lives and is triggered by biological and environmental properties. It builds on earlier sensory prototypes designed, patented and developed at Central Saint Martins (UAL) and more recently at the University of Cambridge.


eScent fuses the ancient art and science of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants with 21st-century machines. The goal is to create a localised 'Scent Bubble®' around the wearer whereby the link of mood - feeling - perception  triggers a unique fragrance boost.


Future versions will rely on an artificial intelligence system; eScent works out which aroma the user should smell in their personalised and controllable 'Scent Bubble® '. This might be to relieve a medical condition or enhance emotional or mental wellbeing, for example, listening to what the user says and their tone of voice, or measuring stress levels or changes noted in a 'mood' diary, facial expression or skin response. eScent then correlates this information with valuable intelligence found in their emotional body odour signature.  Then, depending on the context, situation, location or time of day/night, eScent makes intelligent fragrance choices, reacting to, for example, a change in mood, erratic sleep patterns, or how the user feels first thing in the morning, or late at night, or before an interview speak in public, workout at the gym, or go on a date, etc. 


eScent LEARNS To PLAY the appropriate fragrance(s) accordingly from a palette of personalised and portable aromas, for example, when a pre-set stress threshold is exceeded. 


How Does it Work?


Building on earlier functional, patented wearable devices,  the concept of eScent is that it diffuses essential oils in a localised, personal bubble around the body, interacting with the physiological and psychological needs of the wearer through the technology of micro-chip sensors.


The power of fragrance and the therapeutic properties of essential oils is backed by extensive evidence based data on clinical trials both here in the UK, and other material gathered from all over the world. Using essential oils such as Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Sweet orange (citrus aurantium var. dulcis) and peppermint, amongst others, to build a portfolio of aroma synergies that connect to the colours of the rainbow.


Wellbeing is the state of being in balance; therapeutic aromas bring the body into this state to negate the effects of external and internal environments such as stress symptoms, depression and sleeplessness.Programmed to deliver specific doses for specific times at timed intervals will allow the device to interact with the wearer for maximum benefits during the day. This can be at work at home or at play!

Plug & Play Scent

What might happens if your clothes can smell your body?


Scentient Beings is a term coined by Dr Jenny Tillotson for the sensory intelligence exhibited by olfactory AI machines. Wearable computers are being taught to learn, reason, recognize emotions - and now smell enters the sensory domain. This is work in progress, taking inspiration from biology and the untapped data on the science of our emotional body odour, originating from  PhD work on the 'The Wellness Collection' at the Royal College of Art (1997). 


In the same way emotion-sensing technology can help game developers personalize games to the player's mood, (Affectiva/MIT Media Lab), emotional body odour sensing technology will one day be able to "sniff out" intelligence from our odour signature, the status of our health and wellbeing.


           AI + scent emitters + Emotional Body Odour Signature = eScent

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