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eScent is a patented delivery platform and  transformative technology that enables the personalised delivery of scent (and other liquids) as a sensory-control segment for the Fashion tech, Wellness, and Healthcare industries.

The technology delivers wearable connected fragrances for products that are bio-synchronized to the emotional state of the user.


By using connected items (jewellery, a garment button, AR/VR/MR headsets, headphones, etc) as the scent delivery vehicle, eScent offers more functionality, multiplicity, and adaptability on the go.

eScent's smart liquid dispenser interfaces with worn biometric sensors, sound, and contextual data to deliver hyper-personalized transformative scent experiences.

The scent is contained in individualized wearable *capsules* as a subscription-based fragrance service and an evolution of the traditional glass perfume bottle. 

Protected by five patents (three awarded), the eScent platform is able to detect early increases in stress and/or other biometric parameters which triggers the release of a localized sphere of fragrance:

a "Scent Bubble®" that changes moment by moment, reacting to and anticipating the wearer's mood at exactly the right time.

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