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                 Scentsory Design (2005)




Scentsory Design®


Scentsory Design is a multidisciplinery project that changes the experience of fragrance to a more intimate communication of identity, by employing emerging technologies with the ancient art of perfumery. It examines a new experience focusing on the sense of smell and how this might expand our sensory repertoire; or maximise our sense of wellbeing through fashion. 


Fashion has a reason; it is a display of personal identity, primarily through strong visual cues. The Scentsory Design® research project is inspired by the human circulation and nervous systems, by exploring smart fabrics that are not as passive as microencapsulation systems. The aim is to add more sensations into the fashion palette in ways that create radical new fashion properties with real benefit. 


Scentsory Design® chooses scent as a tool to improve mental and physical wellbeing, enabling the wearer to act on visual cues or detect scent signals, allowing immediate information.  Scentsory Design® creates Emotional Fashion: responsive clothes that offer social and therapeutic value in a desirable fashion context.


The fabrics are designed for psychological end benefits such as stress-reduction, by incorporating biosensors and microfluidics to initiate scent delivery. The biosensors detect stress physiologically and the microfluidics produce a scent that can reduce stress, boost energy, relax or improve concentration.


The aim is to produce an intimate scent ‘bubble’ that delivers benefit chemicals in controlled ways responding to personal needs. Airbourne nano-litre sized droplets of fragrance are dispensed allowing for efficient scent delivery that is targeted to specific parts of the body. The wearer’s confidence in their visual identity is thus enhanced by sensory, psychological and medical wellbeing.


Scentsory Design specialises in the research and development of wearable wireless sensor networks and microfluidic devices for fragrance delivery and therapeutic applications in emotional fashion. Intelligent fabrics are discussed which are engineered for pleasure, education, protection and psychological endbenefits, by offering social and therapeutic value in a desirable fashion context. The fabrics incorporate sensors and microfluidics to initiate fragrance delivery of beneficial aromas released in controlled ways responding to personal needs.


Further details can be found in the 'Fashion Practice' (vol 1)  publication (2009) by SpringerThe paper concludes by suggesting clothes that mimic the olfaction system via electronic nose sensors that emulate a dogs sense of smell.





Scentsory Design® 


时尚是有理由的。透过强烈的视觉暗示,时尚成为了人们个性的一种展示。研究课题——Scentsory Design® 的灵感就来自于人类的循环系统与神经系统;来自于对智能材料的探索,而非着眼于那些被动的微胶囊系统。此研究课题的目的在于可以在时尚的调色板中加入更多感性的元素,从而创造出新的时尚特质与真正意义上的收益。


Sentsory Design选择气味作为一种提高人们精神与身体状态的工具;使得穿着者尊崇视觉暗示行事,或是察觉到由于气味而产生的信号,从而得到及时的信息。Sentsory Design创造的是一种感性的时尚,如同在理想的时尚背景下,具有感应功能的服装能够提供的是在社会层面上的,是具有治疗效果的价值。












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