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Scent Bubble®

Family heritage inspiration 

Heritage in Print, "Scent Bubble®", Lifestyle and Wellness

In the late 19th century, two closely related family businesses from the North of England, who were recognised for their pioneering printing techniques, lifestyle innovations in soap 'bubbles' and vision in social responsibility were to influence the creation of eScent some 150+ years later . . . 


Fast forward to 2022, eScent fuses the ancient art and science of perfumery with emerging technologies in the 21st century to create a new movement in the Scent Bubble®  innovation.


Inspired by Dr Jenny Tillotson's family heritage in printing, packaging, life-enhancing wellbeing, and  fragrance, eScent brings together two family businesses through her great great great Grandparents, and one that emerged from the industrial revolution era in Bolton, Lancashire; 

Tillotsons & Sons, Printers, Packaging, Newspapers (founded in 1867)

Lever Brothers, British manufacturing company (founded in 1885 by William Hesketh Lever and James Darcy Lever), now known as Unilever, one of the first brands built around a higher purpose. 



Tillotsons of Liverpool, founded by William Frederic Tillotson were specialists in the accuracy of high-quality colour printing. They were closely connected with Lever Bros through William Tillotson's wife Mary Lever, an elder sister of William Lever and founder of the revolutionary ‘Sunlight’ soap.  William Lever introduced lifestyle to women with Lever Bros later evolving into Unilever, one of the most successful consumer goods companies.  Tillotsons also owned packaging factories with a branch in Burwell (Cambridgeshire), Tillotsons, Corrugated Cases, sold to St Regis in 1971 (now operates as DS. Smiths).



Lifestyle-Enhancing Heritage in Wellbeing + Print


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