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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishably from magic” Arthur C. Clark



"I have created many design projects, many of which were the backbone to the eScent patents and Scent Bubble® inventions. In particular, the "SmartSecondSkin" dress designed and developed at Central Saint Martins and inspired by neurobiological delivery systems found under the human skin (the heart is the pump or delivery system, the veins/arteries are the fragrance flowing freely and the glands are the sensors).


This built on earlier PhD textile research from the Royal College of Art and prototypes presented at Charmed Technology's 'Brave New Unwired World' runway show (2000).

The conceptual garment illustrated a future 'smart' fabric interacting with human emotions, whereby the aroma dimension is an integral part of the user’s sensory experience.

This award-winning project was installed at the 'Touch Me' exhibition at the V&A Museum in 2006, to demonstrate a garment interacting with the wearer’s changing moods and releasing the appropriate aroma in response to different emotional triggers.


The role I play is a creative technical role with 20+ years of experience working in wearable scent technology. Put simply, I am fusing the ancient art of perfumery with Deep Technology to create connected scent experiences.

The vision is to reduce human stress and anxiety levels by building a platform technology with AI tools that empower our most valuable “sensory" asset: Our Nose!


As the technical lead, I have the right expertise, IP and know-how to create a "Scent Bubble®" that magically targets your nose with the exact dose of fragrance molecules to transform your life for the better.

I have a clear proposition to build an empowering personal wearable system that has a complete picture of you by leveraging disparate data sources, i.e. through a change of tone of voice or body odour, vital signs, facial expressions, etc.


This is a unique biofeedback scent intervention which maximises the true value devised from personal health data, closing the loop with the power of aroma and design".

Dr Jenny Tillotson, 2022.

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