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Programmable Smell for Memory Recall and Diagnostics



An eScent device worn in smart jewellery or integrated into the collar of a garment could release nostalgic perfume moments as memory landmarks to train the brain.


The overlooked and underappreciated sense of smell - or problems with it - can also use computer-controlled
scent-release in positive ways to enable diagnostics. For example, if pulsed intermittently from a 'Scentsory' diagnostic timing app, a further application of eScent might pinpoint odour-identification issues to test smelling capabilities and help diagnose the early stages of 
Huntington’s, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. It has long been known that impaired smell or olfactory dysfunction is an early preclinical feature to predict the onset of such Neurodegenerative diseases¹.


¹Hawkes CH &, Doty RL: The Neurology of Olfaction, (1st Edition) Cambridge University Press; 2009




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