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eScent could be embedded in clothes worn in the classroom and bedroom and used as a learning tool to consolidate the memory. 


Olfactory research has proven that sleep facilitates memory consolidation which can maximize effectivity in learning situations. There is evidence to suggest that aromas given to a user during a learning task (for example in the classroom at school or college), can improve consolidation of the memory of that task if that aroma is later `pulsed' whilst the user is asleep. Functional magnetic resonance imaging has revealed significant hippocampal activation in the brain in response to odour re-exposure during the 'slow-wave sleep' period. 



Rasch,B., Buchel,C., Gais,S and Born,J (2007). Odour cues during slow-wave sleep prompt declarative memory consolidation, Science 315, pp 1426-1429


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