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U  B  I  K

Tweaking Reality with a Scent Bubble®


eScent is partly inspired by UBIK, Philip.K.Dick's extra-sensory perception science fiction thriller (1969) that tweaks the reality of the user with a protective spray of "miracle properties" from a "UBIK" spray can ("only good in small doses").

As with UBIK, eScent creates a controllable cloud of fragrance as a contextually-aware social filter to "tweak reality" and is pertinent to the users' own world, situation, condition or location - and at the precise moment - augmenting how we as humans interact with the physical world around us.

Put simply, eScent is a new way to correlate the "Internet of Me" and contextual data with a wearable, feedback sensory loop to learn how to run a human body (i.e. "my body") in a more lifestyle and wellness improving manner.

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