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Smell is the Next Digital Frontier


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Smell is the Next Digital Frontier . . . .  

The sense of smell is the most direct way our brain has of interacting and sharing information with the external world; it is the primal sense that is intimately plumbed into our memory and emotional centres, making us aware of our own personal smell sensory universe.  Scent has the power to evoke emotions; not only does smell impact directly with the limbic system in the brain but olfactory substances are capable of changing an individual’s sense of wellbeing through influencing electrical brain activity. 


We are one the cusp of a new frontier, of global proportions –  something truly revolutionary that will see a radical shift in perfumery and digital healthcare. eScent® - a wearable sensory technology opportunity - brings fragrance delivery into the 21st century on global levels. It is grand and significant, a magical sensory experience and dimension that will require the imagination and development of an entirely new industry. We will witness the sheer scale of potential markets we hadn’t ever considered before – something which is more empowering, enabling and bespoke than the traditional perfume bottle we presently rely on but cannot expand with.


eScent® creates an exclusive market position for wearables, data collection and a family of devices related to the sense of smell. It offers personalisable, portable and playable scent; the ability to create a wondrous library of smells that changes with emotion. It introduces the expanded smell experience as a controllable 'scent bubble', triggered by dynamic electronic smell emitters that act as artificial glands and scent detectors. The enhanced sense of smell gives a new sense of wonder, an intimate feeling of our personal scent atmosphere. By linking direct emotions and abstract smells and by playing with profound memory evocation and hedonic feelings, we discover a wellness sensory experience.


This revolution is yet to happen in the minds of the consumer. Just as the iPhone has personalised music for the masses, eScent® will personalise smell on a dramatic scale. In just the same way as we did not know 40 years ago that we could not live without the mobile phone; this is the model for the kind of disruption that eScent® could bring to the market. When mobile phones started they were supposed to be for making calls, but soon the biggest use was for texting, taking photographs and using the internet. In much the same way as the mobile phone, we are developing new methods and thoughts for many ways that we can use aroma and smell in a very personal way.


Our mission is to interrupt the fragrance industry with this highly scalable technology, getting to the point where the world says 'we can't live without this' is our ‘now’ challenge . . .


                                                        Open up our Sense of Wonder

eScent® paves the way to an expanded life, making the most of what our senses have to offer.  Multi-sensory enhancement enables our senses to be more effective, to empower, to play and enjoy our experience of sensing reality. It increases creativity, expressions and visions, sparks little reminders, magnifies colour, textures, sounds and taste, pushing the boundaries of the senses that we didn't know we had.  It gives us a deeper sense of life, a sense of exhilaration, a sharper mind and a world of beauty seen in a different light. We smell differently and are more aware of what is around us, changing our feelings and our body chemistry. It transforms negative mood states into good sensations, releasing scents to help sleep, boost confidence, relax, energise, arouse, increase self-esteem, expand the imagination and open our sense of wonder. In combination with other new digital activities, from phone and games to the web and new visual experience, this next frontier of smell will arouse new opportunities and excite new markets.



                                                     The link to WONDER and Smell...

eScent® evolved out of Dr Tillotson's BA (Hons) fashion degree work on ‘WONDER’ at Central Saint Martins and researching imaginative new ways in which fashion is communicated creatively through multi-sensory design. After a short career in styling, she later pursued a research degree at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in 'Interactive Olfactory Surfaces' (funded by International Flavours & Fragrances and RCA School of Computer-Related Design) and received a PhD in Textiles that focused on novel fragrance deliveries and the impact smell has on our health and wellbeing.  Dr Tillotson’s aim was to go beyond microencapsulation (scratch and sniff) and introduce interactive smell technologies to the forefront of sensory design and wearable technology. Her sensorial playground evolved into academic research at Central Saint Martins which later transpired into a patent with wide-ranging scent applications to play with in this unexplored wearable technology territory......













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