Reduces skin irritation
The low-solvent content reduces the risk of irritant contact dermatitis
Aromachology Boost:
Positive Emotions. The link of mood → feeling → perception triggers a unique fragrance boost to enhance wellbeing and user experience.
Impact people’s health & wellbeing + enhance mood = cut down drug bills
Positive Thinking
75% and 90% of visits to the GP are stress related.
eScent turns positive emotions into an actionable ‘scent bubble' to alleviate stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. Responds to a change in heart-beat, pulse, blood pressure, respiration, sounds, body odour, speech etc.
Sense + Dispense
Emotionally intelligent wearable scent dispenser with connected sensors. Uses AI to learn from the wearer. Reads emotions and releases the appropriate  scent accordingly as a controllable, personalised and localised 'scent bubble' around the nose.
New method to enhance boredom
High Odour Value
Powerful olfactory experience - kinder to skin
Longevity and consistency of odour.
Innovative solution to store fragrance
ingredients with high odour value and which can be used at low dosage levels to give a powerful fragrance contribution
Pulsed Scent
Supplement to the single perfume bottle mentality, giving a mobile on-the-move selection of several scents for the tech-savvy digital customer.
Time and space savings compared with using bottles.
Allows a rapid selection of fragrances
More precise use of scent, leading to potential cost savings on ingredients and environmental benefits (no ethanol, efficient use of ingredients). More socially engaged, less packaging = contributes towards a low-carbon economy. Mitigates personal health concerns around allergens
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