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is a wearable contextually-aware fragrance platform that emits a low-alcohol"scent bubble"

bio-synchronised to the emotional, mental or physical state of the user 

- creates powerful olfactory experiences for the Fashion and Wellness industries and is also kinder to human skin.

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We are a start-up engineering the future of fragrance delivery. 


Why? Because there is growing consumer demand for:


Clean, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic fragrances.

Spraying fragrances AWAY from human skin.

Longer-lasting transformative products.

Functional fragrances to suit mood/occasion.

A solution to SMELL your own fragrance 24/7.

Blending fragrances for playful layering.

Curated mood-boosting scent assortments.

Less invasive“over-bearing” fragrances.

Waste-free sustainable packaging.

"Healthy Spaces".



At present, the perfume consumer has no intelligent and long-lasting experience of wearing a fragrance that is both personalised and functional in nature.


Consumers are growing increasingly concerned about spraying chemicals on their skin. Retail fragrances contain 60-97% alcohol which can cause irritant contact dermatitis and accounts for 80% of contact dermatitis (approximately 20% of the population). Irritant contact dermatitis is a non-immunologic form of contact dermatitis meaning it causes damage to the skin without prior sensitization of the immune system. 


Furthermore, STRESS and ANXIETY are world epidemics with anxiety costing the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity (WHO).



We are addressing such issues by mastering an emotional ambush of the senses. Our mission is to build a neuro wellness, hypo-allergenic and zero-waste wearable fragrance platform that empowers our most valuable sensory asset: our nose. 


We are on a journey to re-invent the fragrance experience by creating unique sensory moments from a small wearable product that turns emotion, sounds, voice or physiological or psychological change into a localised low solvent "scent bubble" around the nose.  


eScent is engineering perfume moments™  with context-driven scents for emotional regulation.

Fragrances are bio-synchronised to a person's emotional, mental or physical state, and in real-time mitigate and relieve health conditions (i.e. stress, anxiety), thus preventing the risk of burn-out. This might be a blend of neroli and jasmine to reduce anxiety or a favourite fragrance to complement a music playlist or match the mood of the moment. eScent gives the user the ability to create their own personalised scent environment which only they can detect throughout the day. The purpose is to help cultivate a happier, healthier lifestyle by making small changes to their direct surroundings and promoting a zero-waste sustainable lifestyle with less packaging materials. 


Using a range of technologies which are brought together and patented, eScent leverages disparate data sources to improve human emotional wellbeing and amplify the senses. Tailored towards individual needs, eScent solves real problems with personalised low alcohol-based fragrances as the enabler. It is a small emotionally responsive fragrance dispenser that integrates wearable technology with the chemical senses (smell and taste), creating a powerful olfactory experience whereby mood, feeling and perception triggers a personalized fragrance boost. 


 Inspired by UBIK, Philip.K.Dick's extra-sensory perception thriller that tweaks reality with a protective spray of "miracle properties" ("only good in small doses")eScent creates a controllable cloud of scent that is pertinent to the users' own world, situation, condition or location - and at the precise moment - augmenting how we as humans interact with the physical world around us. Put simply, it is a new way to correlate the "Internet of Me" and contextual data with a wearable, feedback sensory loop to learn how to run a human body ("my body") in a more lifestyle and wellness improving manner.



We have developed a concept for a wearable liquid delivery system that emits picolitre metered droplets of low-alcohol mood-enhancing fragrance (or other liquids, i.e. pharma, insect repellent, pheromones, hormones, etc) in response to a biometric and/or sound stimulus, timer, smartphone app or another sensor trigger that can be measured. Embedded discreetly in jewellery, buttons and garments, eScent pulses personalized and sustainable fragrances by maintaining a detectable low solvent "scent bubble" around the wearer that is beneficial to the mind, soul, skin and planet. It offers a reality-augmenting proposition in a wearable and invisible format for fashiontech, beautytech, wellness and the entertainment and automotive industries



The technology is protected by patents awarded in the UK, USA and China with two pending patents; one in the USA and a PCT patent for personalised liquid dispensing systems (i.e. the physics of the wearable "scent bubble"  concept). Our core patent details wide-ranging applications and contexts in which this wearable technology can be used; includes interventions for mental health, sleep disorders, pain-relief, curbing appetite, sexual health, recalling memories, novel pest control to new techniques for learning, and more.






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"The combination of enabling

technologies such as wellness and mood sensing capabilities at the personal level, connected wearable-sized component building blocks and nano scale fragrance dispensing, have put eScent in a position to realise the 'SENSE + DISPENSE' business

opportunity of high potential"


Ken Blakeslee

Webmobility Ventures



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eScent - A New Dimension


The film describes the benefits of eScent as a future interruptive platform technology and addresses current legislation issues faced by the international fragrance industry (i.e. increased allergens, skin sensitization). Supported by multiple AHRC awards (2001-2014), eScent promises to impact on many fields with huge commercial potential and could create an entirely new perfumery market and benefit the wider population by increasing wellbeing through fragrances. Produced for an AHRC Impact & Engagement Award (2014) to validate the commercial potential of the intellectual property of the eScent product in the fragrance industry. It followed on from three previous awards; AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship,, AHRC Innovation Award and AHRB Small Award in the Creative & Performing Arts

Sensory Fashion


An animation on smell, our most evocative, primitive and direct sense with many health and wellbeing benefits. Introduces 'Sensory Fashion' and explores wearable technology as an extension of ‘aromachology’; this is the study of aroma and the effects this fragrance has on human psychology and behaviour. The perception of a particular aroma could be induced and electronically controlled to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and help manage lifestyle for people living with chronic mental health conditions.By combining biology with wearable technologies and biometric sensors, Sensory Fashion proposes a biotechnological solution that is translated into sensory jewellery or clothing elements.

Animation  SOK FOK Studio


Scentsory Design (2005)


An animation film that explores the fusion of fashion with psychoneuroimmunology with 'aromachology' (the science of perfume) and how this combination could have a radical impact on mental and physical health. Fashion has a reason; it is a display of personal identity through strong visual cues. Scentsory Design adds more sensations to the fashion palette to create radical new fashion properties with real benefit. The project chooses scent as a tool to improve quality of life. This enables the wearer to act on visual cues or detect scent signals, allowing immediate information. Scentsory Design creates emotional fashion: responsive clothes and jewellery that offer social and therapeutic value in a desirable fashion context. The aim is to produce a scent bubble that delivers benefit chemicals in controlled ways responding to personal needs. This allows for efficient scent delivery that is targeted to specific parts of the body. The user's confidence in their visual identity is thus enhanced by sensory, psychological and medical wellbeing


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“The vision and research of

Dr Jenny Tillotson has the potential to provide breakthrough progress in the development of the whole fragrance industry


The application of nanotechnology, microprocessors and biosensors to fragrance development, linked with new insight into the power of fragrance and fragrance ingredients to affect personal wellbeing, have the potential to change the whole way we appreciate and apply fragrances in the future”


Former Chairman of the Fragrance Foundation

MD of Givaudan Fragrances (UK)


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