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Intelligent platform Wearable Technology company in the "Adaptive" scent market; engineering a new movement in wearable liquid dispensing.


eScent is a connected product concept in the wearable wellness/healthcare/AI sector, an"adaptive" transformative technology that delivers a personalised mood-boosting Scent Bubble® in sync with the wearer. 

Invented by  Dr Jenny Tillotson, an award-winning "Science Fashion" innovator, eScent is a wearable platform technology that uses sensors and data to create an actionable scent sphere depending on context.


eScent's smart liquid dispenser interfaces with worn biometric sensors to deliver hyper-personalized and transformative scent experiences for improved wellbeing.


Introducing a new platform for wearable and personalized connected fragrance products that provide impactful solutions for the Clinical Aromatherapy domain.