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eScent is a connected product concept in the wearable wellness/healthcare/AI and Fashion sector, an "adaptive" transformative technology that delivers a personalised mood-boosting Scent Bubble® in sync with the wearer. 

eScent is an intelligent platform Wearable Technology company in the adaptive scent market; engineering a new movement in wearable liquid dispensing.

Invented by  Dr Jenny Tillotson, an award-winning "Science Fashion" innovator, eScent is a wearable platform technology that uses sensors and data to create an actionable scent sphere depending on context.


eScent's smart liquid dispenser interfaces with worn biometric sensors to deliver hyper-personalized and transformative scent experiences for improved wellbeing.


Introducing a new platform for wearable and personalized connected fragrance products that provide impactful solutions for the Aromatherapy domain and to complement breathwork.

Our wearable patented software-controlled liquid dispenser is protected in the US and pending in EU for use in wearable items, focusing on the delivery of personalised perfume to enhance experiences and the analysis of body/mind state and mitigation through wearable “adaptive" scent dispersal. 


Inspired by science fiction concepts, NASA's Liquid Cooling Suits and biological actions from humans, animals, insects, and plants, eScent builds on 20+ years of award-winning research on "Smart Second Skin" and a Ph.D. in Textiles from the Royal College of Art (1997) The Wellness Collection - A Science Fashion Story 

eScent creates an invisible, protective, personalized Scent Bubble® that is delivered in real-time and localised around the halo of the head (or elsewhere on the body) using a patented algorithmic dosing strategy. This liquid sphere is diffused on-demand and triggered in real-time by contextual biodata, voice, or music, creating a data-driven liquid dispense platform for multiple market sectors. Using advanced mathematics to establish and maintain the appropriate sized"bubble", eScent provides a more sustainable low-solvent perfumery solution; blending top, middle, and base notes together, depending on user context or mood. Fragrances are diffused that are pertinent to the users' personal situation - creating a personalized scent environment in real-time (vs. a passive scent bottle).

Protected by a further three issued patents in Smart Textiles and Wearable Technology and a pending patent for an adaptive scent atomiser mask, eScent embeds discreetly into everyday items, offering “personalized scent” as an automated-delivery intervention for mental distress or other applications. eScent releases an appropriate “bio-synchronized” scent in response to personal emotional or environmental triggers (e.g., hormonal excretions, temperature, voice, location, music, etc). 

The eScent "bubble" technology acts as an adaptive "Smart Second Skin" with the capacity to truly disrupt and revolutionize multiple industries - ultimately creating a more sustainable, immersive, intelligent, and personalized scent experience for the Creative Industries (FashionTech, Jewellery, Smart Textiles), Healthcare, Beautytech, Perfumery, and Wellness Sectors, Space Exploration, Education, Entertainment and Gaming.

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