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We are on a mission to build a wearable fragrance platform with AI tools that empowers our most valuable sensory asset:     

Our Nose.


The future of fragrance is personalized.



We are a start-up engineering the future of aroma delivery through life moments 

- a new era of wearable personalised fragrance


Why? Because there is growing consumer demand for:


Functional cleaner fragrances to suit mood.

New levels of self-awareness and mental health.

Spraying fragrances away from human skin.

Solutions to continually smell your own fragrance.

Blending fragrances for playful layering.

Less invasive“over-bearing” fragrances.

"Healthy Spaces".



At present, the perfume consumer has no intelligent and long-lasting experience of wearing a fragrance that is both personalised and functional in nature.


Consumers are growing increasingly concerned about spraying chemicals on their skin. Retail fragrances contain 60-97% alcohol which can cause irritant contact dermatitis in easily sensitized individuals and accounts for 80% of contact dermatitis (15-20% of the population). Irritant contact dermatitis is a non-immunologic form of contact dermatitis meaning it causes damage to the skin without prior sensitization of the immune system. 


Furthermore, STRESS and ANXIETY are world epidemics with anxiety costing the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity (WHO).



We are addressing these issues by mastering a safe emotional ambush of the senses. Our mission is to build a wearable sustainable scent platform that empowers our most valuable sensory asset:

Our Nose. 



Introducing eScent, a consumable wearable start-up that sits at the intersection between fragrance + fashion + technology.  We are on a journey to re-invent the fragrance experience as an alternative to the tradition perfume bottle. We are creating unique sensory moments from a small self-care product that turns the user's voice, emotions, ambient sounds or a physiological or psychological change into a low solvent "scent bubble". 


 We are engineering perfume moments®; unique bursts of scent targeted towards the nose and inhaled as we breathe. Dispensed from buttons, jewellery, textiles and accessories, eScent offers a new way to deliver fragrances whilst also addressing skin sensitization.


Research shows that certain scents such as lavender, vanilla or chamomile trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that aids relaxation. Aromas have also been established to influence cognition and behaviour, even when they are not consciously perceived. Based on this research, we are building a subscription-based service that tweaks reality with a personalized scent environment for the wearer. Fragrances are bio-synchronised to a person's emotional, mental or physical state, and in real-time mitigate and relieve health conditions (i.e. stress, anxiety), thus preventing the risk of burn-out. This might be a neroli to reduce anxiety or rosemary to boost memory or a fragrance to complement a playlist or match the mood of the moment. 


eScent complements wellness-focused lives providing the wearer with data-driven scent solutions for emotional regulation. It builds on earlier academic research on Sensory Fashion from Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) and exploratory market research through the University of Cambridge’s business school, Goldsmiths, University of London and the Perfume Society. The purpose is to help cultivate a happier, healthier lifestyle by making joyful small changes to their direct surroundings and promoting a zero-waste sustainable lifestyle with less packaging materials. 


Using a range of technologies which are brought together and patented, eScent leverages disparate data sources and curated mood-boosting "connected fragrances" to improve human emotional wellbeing and amplify the senses. Tailored towards individual needs, eScent endeavours to solve real problems with personalised low alcohol fragrances as an enabler.  We are integrating wearable technology with the chemical senses to create a powerful olfactory experience whereby mood, feeling and perception triggers a unique scent boost.  Our aim is to launch a subscription-based service consisting of a small "contextually-aware" scent dispenser and a monthly"palette" of carefully curated eScent cartridges. 








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