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Our vision is to create luxury experiences by implementing sustainable strategies for fashion retail in collaboration with the fragrance industry and the latest neuroscience on olfaction. We are using luxury as the link between the consumer and brands by utilising our patented wearable scent technology to reinforce and enhance the consumer experience and contribute to the circular economy.


Top themes within today’s world of fashion are summarised as Sustainability, Global anxiety, the Power of Cross-Industry Collaboration, the Inclusivity Revolution and Technology-driven Innovation. With Wellness trends on the rise, anxiety costing the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity (WHO) and the Smart Clothing Market expected to exceed $4 billion by 2024, this opens new possibilities for fashion.


Consumers are eager to have a relationship with technology that is fulfilling, healthy AND sustainable. The desire is for human-centred technology that can strike a better balance of our attention and focus in life but also help us live in the moment.


eScent leverages wearable technology, fragrance, AI and fashion to enhance the user experience, wellbeing, human connection and raise mental health by turning the users voice, emotion, sounds, SMS, heartbeat (or any other physiological or psychological change) into a sustainable, metered dose of fragrance, targeted directly to the nose of the consumer. With patents awarded in the UK, USA and China (and two pending patents), we are re-inventing the fragrance experience by creating unique sensory life "moments” dispensed from a small connected device integrated into wearable items (i.e. a button, jewellery etc) that delivers a low solvent "scent bubble" to the nostrils.


There is a growing trend for “healthy spaces” (Americans spend 93% of life indoors) and biohacking or unleashing the user’s inner potential with technology. Consumers are demanding fragrances to be green, clean, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, whilst also being “functional” to suit mood, preferences, season or occasion. Perfume consumers want to smell and blend their own fragrances throughout the day for “playful” layering (one on top of the other). They are concerned about spritzing harmful chemicals directly on their skin or invading other people’s personal space with “over-bearing” fragrances. Retail fragrances contain 60-97% alcohol which can cause irritant contact dermatitis in easily sensitized individuals and accounts for 80% of contact dermatitis. Consumers are also concerned about plastic pollution from personal care products which have elevated waste-free sustainable packaging to a top environmental concern (over 120 billion packaging units are produced every year by the global cosmetic industry).


We are addressing these issues by inventing an intelligent and reusable retail solution that creates a totally NEW vehicle to deliver “connected” wellbeing/designer fragrances around the body in a truly magical and safe way, whilst also addressing the stigma surrounding mental health.


Our solution not only builds happier, healthier lives through the power of olfaction but also supports strategies for environmentally sound end-of-life management for connected garments, i.e. sensory approaches that complement to increase reuse/recycling rates and extend the lifecycle of clothing.


We are building an AI-powered liquid dispenser and cartridge system which will be small enough to be embedded in removable buttons or items worn near the nose. eScent interfaces with connected sensors so that the AI learns and adapts with a curated fragrance assortment and triggered in diverse ways, depending on context. The user subscribes to different fragrance profile preferences or “mood states” through our IP protected “scent bubble” dispense technology for customized blending, rapid selection for personalization and longevity of odour performance.

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