WCMT Report 2015
Churchill Fellowship Report: informed by living and managing a Bipolar Disorder (II) diagnosis since 1993 (published 2019)
User Experience Report
A research report by Goldsmiths and eScent (SDT) exploring the impacts of wearable scent, funded by ERDF. 2014
Smell The Rainbow Report
Short summary of the findings of the AHRC funded KT Fellowship with Philips Research
Essential Oils Report
A Research Report on scents for stress/sleep by Professor Tim Jacob funded by a AHRC KT Fellowship. 2010
Report for AHRC Impact project
A Review on eScent by Hugh Parnell, funded by an AHRC Impact & Engagement Commercialisation Award, 2015
eScent Technical Report
eScent Technical Report by Gareth Jenkins, ISAS Germany, AHRC Innovation Award
PhD Thesis (RCA)
Interactive Olfactory Surfaces: A Science Fashion Story (Printed Textiles PHD)
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