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                                        INSPIRE: Student Insect Repellent Competition

Dalila Menguellet is a Research Scientist who spent many years working in Research and Development. Overtime, she developed a fascination for plants that led her to win an Innovation Award. She then decided to transfer her passion to students by training as a Science teacher with Imperial College (INSPIRE program). Interested in the way Dr Jenny Tillotson combines fashion and science, led her to developing an activity that was presented to 10 schools in London, with students entering a competition.


The students were introduced to Research and Development and had to use their scientific knowledge to design a product that has insect repellent features.


The winners of that competition are Govarthan, Raheem and Hasheem (11G1 and 11B2) from Wilson's school in Sutton


Their work is now being published on the school website, well done!


Inspire programme:


INSPIRE (the Innovative Scheme for Postgraduates in Research and Education) is an intensive, ten-month PGCE training programme.


It was launched in 2007 by Imperial College London's Outreach team in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University.  

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