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      Smart Second Skin (Charmed Technology)



     Re-cabling Fashion          


The objective of this project is to create a new interactive communication system by 're-cabling', fabrics for releasing fragrances in 21st century digital fashion design. Smell is the least researched of the senses but one of the most emotional and powerful. Odours drive our emotions, cause social bonding, spur memories, influence our chemistry and lead us into temptation.


A new development, taking inspiration from biology, conjures up multi-sensorial fabrics based around the sense of smell. Fragrances can be actively 'pulsed' electronically through a cabling device system. This will 'mimic' the human senses and in particular the scent glands in our bodies, literally incorporated into fabric. The system also acts as a new vehicle for designer perfumes, reducing the application of alcohol on skin and microencapsulation. This project will bring new ‘emotion’ to fashion.


My approach to fashion and textile design, introduces the living garment as a Smart Second Skin™. Clothing therefore becomes almost living, as if it is copying the human skin and circulation system. I have taken my research inspiration from the human body, representing the fabrics heart as an internal ‘pump’ and the tubing as the human nervous system, capillaries, veins and skin surface. I shall introduce smell to digital fashion to give clothing - and jewellery a totally 'multi-sensorial' effect. It will bring a whole new meaning to fashion, furniture, and everyday products.


Dr Jenny Tillotson (RCA)     


July 2000

Sensory Designer   



body flow.jpg
body flow 2.jpg

This exotic concept piece argues that fabric one day enhances the human circulatory and nervous system.

This is the core to the Smart Second Skin  research.

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