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The Perfume Society UK Consumer Groups





Interviews were conducted on the ‘future of fragrance’ and whether or not the concept behind eScent should be launched in the wellbeing market or the fine fragrance market. The study was undertaken with dedicated members of The Perfume Society in the UK. Questionnaires were sent out to members which included questions on fragrance trends, fragrance innovations, technology trends, potential ‘health risks’ and the rise of wearable technology.



Key findings:


1. Fragrance consumers were particularly keen on a stylish product that provides long-lasting fragrances, (i.e. without the need to keep reapplying throughout the day). 


2. Consumers were sceptical about mobile phones emitting scent but found jewellery and accessories that emit a scent to be “more accessible”  (“fashion and fragrance” being the key trend).


3. eScent should be a fashion product, aimed at designers/luxury brands and design houses with their own designer fragrance brands. Mood-enhancement was seen as an extra benefit. 



4.  Key attributes included: 

- mobile

- wearable

- programmable (choice of fragrance)

- multiple fragrance cartridges

- innovation (“it could be the ‘Apple watch’ of perfume”)

- to regulate emotional wellbeing

- to calm ‘panic attacks’

- to cover malodour (“wet dog”)



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