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We are a start-up engineering the future of fragrance delivery. 




Because there is growing consumer demand for:

Clean, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic fragrances.

Spraying fragrances away from human skin.

Longer-lasting transformative fragrance products.

Functional fragrances to suit mood, preferences, season.

A solution to SMELL your own fragrance 24/7.

Blending fragrances for playful layering on top of one another.

Customizable products with curated mood-boosting assortments.

Less invasive“over-bearing” fragrances

Waste-free sustainable packaging.

"Healthy Spaces".


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Engineering Perfume Moments™  with a patented wearable"Scent Bubble"



We are on a mission to build a wearable, neuro wellness, hypo-allergenic and zero-waste Platform Technology with AI tools that empowers our most VALUABLE sensory asset: 

Our Nose.

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