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  •  Looking for partners / investment



  • We are a Commercial Proposition looking for a relationship with Corporates which could be:

  • Brand Enhancement Opportunities

  • New Consumer Market Opportunities

  • Joint Research Opportunities

  • Co-operation Commercial Opportunities



  • eScent is an innovative design-led development house working on the new frontier of the use of smell in Wearable Technology and Positive Thinking.  


  • We are designing ways to deliver tailored fragrances for a range of uses in a controlled and intelligent manner.


  • With our extensive experience and wide contacts, eScent is able to imagine, develop and deliver intelligent  fragrance and olfactory solutions for a range of new and exciting markets.

  • Our first product is eScent®, an emotionally intelligent data-driven fragrance dispenser that uses sensors and Artificial Intelligence to build a ‘scent bubble’ around the wearer’s face to enhance wellbeing.


  • Medical conditions, in particular relating to stress, anxiety or sleep, as well as new deployments for experience-led fashion, tech-enabled fabrics, luxury, beauty, VR/AR and other sectors, offer a huge new potential for treatments as well as for sensory marketing, experiential storytelling, innovation and differentiation


  • Passionate about de-stigmatising issues around mental health, the eScent team is looking to work with corporate organisations to help them exploit the unused sense of smell for the growth of their businesses, to create value out of fragrances and to provide novel, sustainable solutions for their customers.

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