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S C E N T   T O   I M P A C T


As humans, we are born with no knowledge of odour. Our sense of smell is linked directly to the limbic system, the emotional part of our brain responsible for memory and behaviour, and therefore, our individual sense of smell is based purely on life’s deep experiences and impressions. The roots of “Aromatherapy” can be traced back more than 3,500 years, to a time when essential oils were first recorded in human history for their therapeutic and medicinal properties. However, in the 21st century, it remains one of the most controversial complementary therapies applied in medicine because of its pseudoscience connotations and limited available data on health benefits, despite the importance of smell on human health.


Building on research that uses reasonably good methods to test the impact of aroma on mood, eScent merges clinical aromatherapy with biometric sensors and AI to create data-driven solutions for consumer wellbeing.  Clinical evidence and published papers have shown that certain aromas have the power to change physiology, behaviour, cognition, alertnessmood enhancement,  aiding sleepalleviating anxiety and autobiographical memory retrieval 

eScent enables the release of fragrances as a controllable 'scent bubble', merging the power of smell with body positivity and feelings of empowerment.  Intelligent wellbeing scents can be bio-synced to a person's emotional, mental, or physical state and in a real-time manner relieves anxiety, stress, exhaustion, insomnia, pain, or memory loss. Alternatively, eScent can dispense fragrances to bring more emotion into "experience-led" fashion whilst also invigorating, refuelling and empowering the user.

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