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Churchill Fellowship – Feedback from Medics





As part of Dr Tillotson’s Churchill Fellowship to the USA, she presented the eScent concept to high-profile US psychiatrists and psychologists for their initial feedback as a biofeedback scent intervention.

Nine interviews were conducted at UCSF, UCSD, John Hopkins Hospital, Massachusetts Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital New York and the Mindfulness Based Interventions, UCSD.

Key Findings

1.  “eScent® could monitor the little cognitive shifts and prevent the bigger shifts from appearing” (for example, in bipolar affective disorder)

2.  "eScent® could benefit human circadian rhythms and general stress reduction, which in turn will improve sleep cycles“

3.  "The pharmaceutical industry could potentially be very interested in eScent®“

4.  “Just as the pink ribbon has de-stigmatised breast cancer, eScent® can be a de-stigmatising fashion item that will benefit all mental health conditions and is very easy to integrate into everyday items”

5.  “eScent is a novel prodromal scent intervention that uses smell to help learn early warning signals before a crisis may occur”

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