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- The Sensory Platform Technology




"2016 will see an increased attention on whole body wellness, including a focus on mental wellbeing, continued demand for natural products, a blur of gender lines and making / buying time for oneself" 


eScent is a family of products adaptable for multiple markets. It provides a personal and portable and emotionally intelligent device which allows

-  controlled release of scent via various triggers;

- multiple scents in the single device with disposable cartridges

- and a revolution in how consumers think about “their own scent” “on the go”

































The sense of smell is our most primitive - and yet forgotten sense. It is the sense most linked to our emotional recollection of memories and experiences. 


eScent® adds a new sensation and dynamic to the wearables pallete by enabling a scent device to accurately target precise doses of fragrances, based on biological analysis or other sensor based trigger that is relevant to the context. With patents granted in the UK, China and a patent pending in the USA, eScent® concentrates on the personal sensory space around the user; it merges clinical aromatherapy with bluetooth and sensors to create data-driven solutions for wellbeing and preventative healthcare, informed by recent peer-reviewed psychology, neurology and chemosensory studies that show the benefits of aromatherapy [1] and the influence of certain fragrances on affective as well as cognitive states in humans [2].



Sensory Biosynced


Embedded discreetly in jewellery (such as a pendant, brooch, earings) and clothing (a button or collar) worn near the nose, eScent® forms a localised 'scent bubble' around the face; an area of regular, detectable scent for the user based on a timer, biometric feedback, ambient sound or pre-programmed from a smartphone.  In response to real-time dynamic changes in behaviour, mood, voice analysis and biology (via HRV, sweat, stress-related body odour or skin response), eScent® dispenses fragrances in short bursts that are relevant to the situation, health condition or context of location, augmenting how we as humans interact with the physical world around us.



Micro-scale dispensing Scent in a Bubble


A spectrum of fragrances provides a new sensory awareness with wide‐ranging applications for consumer wellbeing, telemedicine, e-health, 'emotional fashion', fine fragrane for luxury brands, gaming, AR/VR etc, for example, this could be the release of counteractive wellbeing scents when a pre-set stress threshold is exceeded, or calming scents when a change in sleep is detected, or insect repellent dispensed in response to the sound frequency of mosquitoes, or self-regulated scents to control personal hygiene or promote medication adherence, or enhance mood - fashion - lifestyle,  or improve sports performance, or encourage appetite in individuals with early stage dementia.


[1]  Hwang, E. & Shin, S, 2015, The effects of aromatherapy of sleep improvement: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2015, 21: 61-68.


[2]  Weber S,T.& Heuberger E, 2008, The Impact of Natural Odors on Affective States in Humans, Chem. Senses, 2008, 33: 441–447.





























eScent® 'sound | biometric' patent granted UK (2009), China (2012) and pending in the USA.

Multiple market sectors covered by the patent GB2423075 can be seen here




The invention concerns a wearable wireless device that delivers a controlled dose of liquid such as perfume, aromatherapy, deodorant, insect repellent, decongestant, pheromones etc, in response to a biometric or an acoustic property. This includes the sound frequency of a mosquito or other biting insects, or "body" sounds, i.e. a sneeze or cough, cry, heart beat, snoring, flatulence, labour pains, voice recognition (anger, sadness, mania) or other recognisable sound that could trigger an appropriate and beneficial aroma, body odour, heart-rate, blood pressure, pulse, glucose levels, respiration etc). Depending on the stimulus, the device creates a localised, personalisable, customisable and protective ‘scent bubble’ that surrounds the user. The patent covers wider-ranging applications (as presented below); human wellbeing, healthcare (psychological and physiological, pain relief, sleep enhancement etc); sports & fitness, lifestyle, fashion, fine fragrance, adult industry, sexual health (pheromones), enhancing ambient sounds in night-clubs, films etc, catwalk shows and installations, stress causing situations from too much sound, hyperacusis, scent triggered by a baby's cry, 'scent tones' sensory communication system, - and many more).


    An ACTIONABLE 'scent bubble'


      -  to enhance mood

      -  build confidence

      -  recall memories

      -  reduce blood pressure

      -  improve sleep/wake cycle

      -  reduce stress, anxiety and pain

      -  augment cognitive performance

      -  complement fashion and lifestyle

      -  enhance gaming, story-telling

      -  encourage an appetite

      -  soothe a cough or cold

      -  heighten arousal 

      -  repel mosquitoes . . . 







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